Today, CashMagnet Ltd is active in several verticals after having begun our story in the field of online casinos. Our first site,, is a success story. 

It started out with 3 people with an idea (our current COO, CMO, and CTO). We quickly found a person to manage structured data and technical SEO (our CDO), another person for on-page and off-page SEO (our CPO), and our Head of Sales (our CBO). From there onwards, things escalated pretty quickly.

The working environment is a relaxed one. There are scarcely any official working hours, people come and go as they need. We are aware of the simple truth that people have lives that need to be managed and fulfilled in order to produce anything of quality at work. If needed, people can work remotely. If needed, people can catch up with work during the weekend. 

Our employees are free to do as they please, as long as the output is managed and delivered. We proclaim total freedom under responsibility! It has proven a successful concept.

Mr-Gamble is a 2-edged affiliate brand. 1 edge of the brand is the famous Twitch Channel, mrgambleslots, which is the most-watched casino slots Twitch stream. The website is active in multiple geographies and is solely built with SEO best practice methods.

Our first flagship was developed at par with the source of our company, i.e. our own developed comparison engine. With our engine, players can set their own selection of filters to find exactly what they are searching for. In the case of, players can find the casino bonuses that are best suited for their style of playing. But that is not all, with our data bank, players can set their filters to find exactly the kind of site that would make the best online casino site for their style and preference of gambling.

In January 2021, mr-gamble expanded to the North American market (New Jersey), New Zealand, and India. It was a great follow up to 2020, a year that saw the expansion to Canada and the United Kingdom. And the future is set for even further markets around the world.

Mr-Gamble is highly focused on responsible gambling. Not only does the site emphasize the importance of it at any given occasion, but the casino reviews actually highlight what the operator does to comply with this factor. We rate the operator according to what measures and preventive efforts they have included on their gambling site. We rate the casino on 7 kinds of measures for responsible gaming. These 7 measures are: having a direct link to a help organization (local or national); offering a reality-check reminder; offering a self-exclusion option; offering a time-out period; letting the player set financial limits; providing a self-assessment test; and providing accurate online transaction history.

Responsible gambling is more than an afterthought at CashMagnet Ltd, we have built our operations around it. Please visit the site for more information.